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Lily Through The Eyes of Her Family


Lily was born Wednesday 21st of August 2013. She was diagnosed with a heart condition at just a few days old called perimembranous ventricular septal defect and transposition of the greater arteries. Along with her heart condition doctors also told us she had a dangerously low immune system which catching a common cold could be incredibly serious to Lily. 
Lily had 7 holes in her heart which are normal at birth and generally close by themselves but unfortunately for Lily a particular hole was in a difficult place and also measured in at 7.1mm which for a newborn baby heart was very large. Doctors warned us of the differences in Lily’s life as she grew and the boundaries and limits of her condition regardless of her treatments and surgery. She wouldn’t be able to do normal activities such as dance, gymnastics or sports. 
Lily has always been a strong character since she was very small and from the moment she could get moving we knew trying to keep her calm and relaxed just wasn’t Lily. Instead we found a personal trainer and worked with her doctors to help strengthen and be the best she could be. 
Lily now spends her time training to keep herself strong, working on her vegan diet to keep her heart healthy, empowering others to do the same and also modeling which is her absolute passion! She wants to show the world that you may have limitations but don’t let that hold you back from being the best version of yourself!



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Credits must be given to Richard who is Lilys Photographer.  He is a unqiue photographer who brings out the best.


Lily is really grateful to Tara for her valued support.  Tara provides Lily professional PT.


and Finally… Norwich Media who not only built this website but provides on going marketing advice.

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